High Country Computer Consulting

Services Offered

Custom Software and Apps

Beginning in 2011, we began transitioning our company focus to custom software and iPhone app development. We develop in Objective-C on iOS, C# and Java on Windows, and Java and Python on back-end server software. If you are looking for a custom software or app solution, please contact us to discuss your needs.

Systems Consulting & Maintenance

Does your business depend on its computer systems to run smoothly and efficiently? For most small businesses, outsourcing their information technology (IT) needs makes a lot of sense.

Our staff are experts in the fields of:

  • computer systems planning
  • systems administration and maintenance (Windows, IBM AIX, HP-UX, Solaris, SGI IRIX, Linux)
  • wired and wireless networking, including Internet "hotspots"
  • Internet connectivity solutions
  • On-demand remote assistance

For small companies, we are available on an "as-needed" basis to perform the above services. For slightly larger organizations with regular IT needs, we offer discounts for regularly-scheduled visits.

Rates (effective July 22, 2013)

Standard Rate: $110.00 / hour
Extended Area Travel Time: $110.00 / hour (one-way)
After-Hours Surcharge: 50%

Please contact us to discuss how we may assist your organization.